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Masters Solo - Jamie Robinson

Mayworth 2015

Mayworth 2015

Austrlian Cup Winners - Cowboys and Angels - Mayworth 2015


By instructor Julie Smith for Kickin’ Country Linedancers

Dances taught and most requested in our beginner/ improver classes


Beginner Classes

Thrilled by Jan Wylie

Sunshine waltz by Tracie Lee

Little tattoo by Maxwell

Can you 2 step by Frank Trace


Improver Level

I’m good at leaving by Maria Smith

Let it go by Darren Mitchell

If promises were gold by Gordon Elliott

But I do by Karen Tripp

You never know by Darren Mitchell

Popular and most requested

beginner dances:

Love doin’ it’s thing,

Rocket to the sun,

Wrong nite,

Ain’t wastin’


Popular and most requested

improver dances:

Dixie roads,

Light of the moon,

Memphis love,

But i do,

Crazy mercury,

Don’t say goodbye


My new life,

Cowboy cha cha,


Keep on rollin’


Teaches coming up for beginner classes:

Friday night cowgirl by Pam Smith


Improver level classes:

Coming home to stay by Kevin Smith

Stuck in the middle by Lyn Booth


And golden oldie:



By Kickin’ Country Linedancers

Dances taught and most popular for intermediate/ Upper intermediate classes


Intermediate level:

One more chance by Darren Bailey & Fred Whitehouse

Twist & turn by Maddy Glover

Mexico, tequila & me by Carl Sullivan

Best seat in the house by Stephen Pattison

So wake me up by Barbara Hile


Upper Intermediate:

It’s never too late by Peter Fry

Popular & most requested for classes & socials

Heavenly cha by Dee Musk

Hello honky tonk by Kevin Smith

No vacancies by Chris Watson

Heartbreak by Maitre Alerany

Girl crush by Alison Johnson

Marvin gaye by Josh Talbot

Ex’s & oh’s by Lu Olsen

Shiftin’ gears by Maddy Glover

Revised for upper intermediate level:

The impossible by Brett Jenkins

Don’t be a stranger by Paul Snooke

He’s got you by Mark Simpkins

She said yes by Mark Simpkins


Great spilt floor options:

Marvin gaye/ heavenly cha or cowboy cha

Ex’s & oh’s / trouble with treble

Jump on a ride/ heartbeak

Top Dances
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