APRA Licence

APRA Licence for ALD Members


This Blanket APRA licence is for the purpose of conducting Line Dance activities.


Category A - Classes Only 

Category B -Classes and socials.  

It is available to current financial members of the ALD and is for the period

1st October - 30 September each year.


The fee for the coming year 01/10/2019 - 30/09/2020 has been set at


Category A $110 ( Classes only ). 

Category B $160 ( Classes & Socials).


APRA calculates the fee each year with a CPI increase applied and GST added.


These fees are paid to the ALD account as APRA bills ALD separately. 

The agreement with APRA states that if there is an overlap in the Licencing period that an individual holds when they join the ALD Blanket Licence a proportional refund will be available.

To obtain APRA Licence through ALD

Email Julie Hearne (Treasurer) to access this ALD APRA Licence and include:

i)   Full Name

ii)  Club Name

iii) Category of Licence ie Classes Only or Classes & Socials

iv) Date joined ALD


ALD will forward an invoice to the member and when funds have been paid to the ALD account their details are forwarded to APRA and included on the ALD Blanket Licence Register.

For further information contact Julie Hearne  email   julie_hearne@hotmail.com 

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