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OneMusic Licence

OneMusic Licence for ALD Members


This OneMusic licence is for the purpose of conducting Line Dance activities.


The OneMusic Licence is for playing music publicly for classes, workshops and socials on any day at any venue.  The OneMusic licence combines the 2 licences previously available, APRA and PPCA.

It is available to current financial members of the ALD and is for the period

1st July - 30 June each year.


The fee for the coming year is currently under review by OneMusic Australia as the COVID-19 has impacted the industry this year. OneMusic Australia is releasing a COVID Relief package soon. Normally the fee is increased by the CPI yearly. Last year the fee was $179.75 for 1-5 weekly sessions.

All instructors also pay a digital copy fee which Licences them to play music publicly on other devices

eg Computer, ipad, iphone. This is calculated as $2.07 X Average weekly attendance. The average weekly attendance at classes and sessions held across the week averaged out and adjusted by the number of weeks worked during the year. If an instructor has an average attendance of 10 people at 2 classes a week=20. Adjusted if 4 of those people attend both classes = 16. Due to Christmas shut down over 4 weeks the adjustment is 16 people for 48 weeks then adjusted to 52 weeks is

 16 x 48/52 = 14.7 ie weekly average attendance of 15 people. The digital copy fee in this case would be 15 x $2.07 = $31.05. This is added to the base licence fee.

The combined fee is paid to the ALD account as OneMusic invoices ALD separately. 

To obtain the OneMusic Licence through ALD

Email Julie Hearne (Treasurer) to access this ALD OneMusic Licence and include:

i)   Full Name

ii)  Postal Address

iii) Email Address

iv) Phone number 

v)  Club Name

vi) Number of weekly sessions ( combine classes, socials and workshops)

vii) Average weekly attendance (described above)


ALD will forward an invoice to the member and when funds have been paid to the ALD account their details are forwarded to OneMusic Australia and included on the ALD OneMusic Licence Register.

For further information contact Julie Hearne  email 

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